Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Dec. 12th


Go Over Tests
Introduction: French Revolution

Palmer: p. 355 - 360 (Beginning of the French Revolution)

Tuesday Dec. 13th

Overview: French Revolution
Discussion: Beginnings of the French Revolution
Video: French Revolution

Primary Source Analysis: 'The Cahiers' and 'What is the Third Estate?'

Wednesday Dec. 14th

Presentation: Symbolism of the Revolution
Discussion: Primary Sources

Palmer: p. 361 - 370 (National Assembly in Action)

Thursday Dec. 15th

Quotes: Edmund Burke
Presentation: Beginning of the Revolution
Discussion: National Assembly in Action

Handout: Neoclassical Art (Read and Mark Up Only). Please check Powerpoint before class tomorrow.

Friday Dec. 16th

Art Analysis/Video: Neo-Classical/David/Death of Marat

Palmer: p. 371 - 377 (The Second Revolution and the Background of the Terror)

Second Quarter Paper due by next Thursday at 8 am. Use