Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Dec. 7th


Presentation: The Bubbles
Quotes/Primary Sources: Women and the Enlightenment
Lecture/Discussion: Politics of GB and France in the 18th Century

Handout (Read and Take Notes): Wars and Diplomacy of the Mid-18th Century.

Tuesday Dec. 8th

Presentation: Social History - Coffee/Printing/Ottomans
Discussion: War of Austrian Sucession/Diplomatic Revoltution/Seven Years' War
Reading Time: DBQ

Write the DBQ. 40 - 50 minutes only.

Wednesday Dec. 9th

Discussion: DBQ
Review: Unit 4 Exam

Prepare for Unit 4 Exam. Study session at 7 o'clock.

Thursday Dec. 10th

Unit 4 Exam

Palmer: p. 361 - 365 (Background of the French Revolution)

Guest speaker on Syria after school today.

Friday Dec. 11th

Return/Go Over Test
Discussion: Reasons for the French Revolution

Palmer: p. 365 - 370 (Beginning of the French Revolution)