Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Dec. 2nd


Discussion: Rousseau, Beccaria, Hume - Are they really enlightened?
Discussion: Enlightened Despots in France, Prussia, and Austria
Art Analysis: Enlightened Despots' Propaganda

Palmer: p. 336 - 342 (Russian Enlightened Despots - Catherine the Great)

Tuesday Dec. 3rd

Reading/Discussion: Despots' Primary Sources
Reading: Joseph II's Edict of Tolerance
Presentation/Discussion/Video: Catherine the Great

Palmer: p. 264 - 273 (Western Europe After Utrecht). NOTE: Skim "The Bubbles"

Wednesday Dec. 4th

Presentation: The Bubbles
Lecture/Discussion: Politics of GB and France in the 18th Century
Video: Catherine the Great

Handout (Read and Mark Up): Wars and Diplomacy of the Mid-18th Century.

Thursday Dec. 5th

Quote/Discussion: Thomas Paine and Deists
Discussion: War of Austrian Succession; Diplomatic Revolution; Seven Years' War
Video: Catherine the Great

Handout (Read and Mark Up): Rococo Art (please go through the Powerpoint as well)

Friday Dec. 6th

Presentation: Social History/Ottomans
Art and Music Analysis: Rococo with Mozart

Unit 4 Test next Tuesday.
Review Session Monday at 7 o'clock.

Candide paper due on Dec. 19th