Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Oct. 28th


Video: Little Ice Age (Sub in Class)


Tuesday Oct. 29th

Pictures: Northern Ireland's Religious Division
Discussion: Britain's Glorious Revolution
Ovewview: The Bill of Rights

Palmer: p. 183 - 190 (The French and Louis XIV)

Wednesday Oct. 30th

Picture/Quote Analysis: Louis XIV
Discussion: The French and Louis XIV

Palmer: p 190 - 197 (The Wars of Louis XIV - Concentrate on the 'War of Spanish Succession' and the 'Treaty of Utrecht')

Thursday Oct. 31st

Discussion: Wars of Louis XIV
Prep Time: DBQ Essay

DBQ Essay (15 Minutes Reading Time; 45 Minutes Writing Time)

Friday Nov. 1st

Discussion: DBQ Essay
Student Presentations: Absolute Leaders

Palmer: p. 163 - 169; concentrate on p. 166 - 169 (The Dutch)

'Fifth of November' celebration on Monday!