Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Oct. 24th


Project Time (Sub in Class)


Tuesday Oct. 25th

Discussion: Britain's Glorious Revolution
Overview: The Bill of Rights
Pictures: Northern Ireland's Religious Division

Palmer: p. 169 - 181 (The French and Louis XIV)

Wednesday Oct. 26th

Picture/Quote Analysis: Louis XIV
Discussion: The French and Louis XIV
Begin DBQ

DBQ Essay (45 Minutes)

Thursday Oct. 27th

Discussion: DBQ Essay
Project Time

Palmer: p 181 - 188 (The Wars of Louis XIV - Concentrate on the 'War of Spanish Succession' and the 'Treaty of Utrecht')

Friday Oct. 28th

Discussion: Wars of Louis XIV
Student-Led Discussion

Palmer: p. 199 - 203 (Hapsburgs and Austria)
Research the Schönbrunn Palace.

Guy Fawkes party next Friday, November 4th (Bring British Food!)

'Mary Queen of Scots' Video. Extra credit discussions at Barnes and Nobles on Monday, November 7th at 7 pm.