Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Oct. 20th


Discussion: Sovereignity and Absolutism
Quotes: Famous Monarchs
Discussion: New Monarchs (Francis I of France, Hapsburgs - Charles V and Philip II)

Palmer: p. 126 - 134; skim 'Revolt of the Netherland' (The Crusade of Spain)

Tuesday Oct. 21st

Lecture/Discussion: Spain (El Escorial) and France
Video: Rick Steves in Spain

Handout: James I, Charles I, and Oliver Cromell (Take notes please; don't just mark up)

Wednesday Oct. 22nd

Discussion: Tutor England
Overview: The Gunpowder Plot
Lecture/Discussion: The Stuarts and the English Civil War

Primary Source Analysis: Parliament and James I
Handout: Cromwell (Read Only)

Thursday Oct. 23rd

Discussion: Britain Primary Sources
Debate: Cromwell - Hero or Villian?
Overview: Monarch Presentations

Palmer: p. 176 - 181 (Glorious Revolution of 1688)

Friday Oct. 24th

Group Time: Absolutism Presentations/Discussions