Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Oct. 6th


Discussion/Debate: Council of Trent - A Success?
Overview: DBQ Grouping
Reading Time: DBQ Grouping Practice

Write (no typing) your DBQ essay. 45 minutes only!!!

Tuesday Oct. 7th

DBQ: Model Essays/Group Reading
Reading/Discussion: Tridentine Creed

Palmer: p. 134 - 140 (France and Religious Wars)

Wednesday Oct. 8th

Presentation/Discussion: France's Religious Wars
Reading/Discussion: Civil War in France

Palmer: p. 140 - 149 (The Thirty Years' War)

Thursday Oct. 9th

Discussion: Phases of the Thirty Years' War/Peace of Westphalia

Handout: Interpretations of the Thirty Years' War (One-page typed reaction paper).

Friday Oct. 10th

Music Analysis: Opera and Baroque
Discussion: Treaty of Westphalia
Discussion: Reasons for the Thirty Years' War - Political, Religious?

Handout: Social History (Read and Mark Up)

Debate next Wednesday
Unit 2 Test Next Thursday