Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 30th


Seminar: Machiavelli and the Prince

Palmer: p. 75 - 80 (Origins of the Reformation)

Tuesday Oct. 1st

Discussion: The "German Problem" in European History?
Overview: Protestant Reformation and the Wars of Religion
Film: Luther

Primary Source Analysis - Tetzel and Luther (for collection)

Wednesday Oct. 2nd

Timeline: The Reformation After 1517
Discussion: Tetzel and Luther Primary Sources
Art/Pictures: Luther Propaganda

Palmer: p. 80 - 83 (Calvin and Calvinism)
Handout: Calvin Primary Source (Read and Mark Up)

Thursday Oct. 3rd

Discussion: Calvinism
Overview: Reformation Debate

Palmer: p. 83 - 87 (The Reformation in England)

Friday Oct. 4th

Discussion: Henry VIII and the Reformation in England
Presentation: POV, Reliability, and Bias
POV Practice: Henry VIII DBQ

Palmer: p. 87 - 93 (Catholicism Reformed and Reorganized)
Handout: Ignatius Loyola (read and mark up)