Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

September 28th


Review: Unit 1
Discussion/Video: Renaissance Social History

Prepare for Unit 1 Exam. Study Session at 7 o'clock.

Tuesday September 29th

Exam: Unit 1
Multiple Choice and Short Answers

Handout - Early Protestant Reformers (read and mark up)

Wednesday September 30th

Go Over Test
Discussion: Early Protestant Reformers

Palmer: p. 75 - 80 (Origins of the Reformation)

Thursday October 1st

Overview: Protestant Reformation and the Wars of Religion
Film: Luther

Primary Source Analysis - Tetzel and Luther (for collection)

Friday October 2nd

Timeline: The Reformation After 1517
Discussion: Tetzel and Luther Primary Sources
Art/Pictures: Luther Propaganda

First Quarter Paper due on Monday by 8 am. Must be uploaded to by deadline for a grade.

Rome, Florence, Venice (Renaissance) trip next July would cost approximately $4,500. Let me know if there is any interest.