Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 26th


Return/Discuss Tests
Presentation: Early Reform Attempts
Discussion: Beginning of the Protestant Reformation

Primary Source Analysis - Tetzel and Luther (for collection)

Tuesday Sept. 27th

Timeline: The Reformation After 1517
Discussion: Tetzel and Luther Primary Sources
Art/Pictures: Luther Propaganda
Film: Luther

Palmer: p. 85 - 87 (Calvin and Calvinism)
Handout: Calvin Primary Source (read and mark up)

Wednesday Sept. 28th

Discussion: Calvinism/Institutes of the Christian Religion
Overview: DBQ Rubric
DBQ: Practice POV

Palmer: p. 87 - 92 (The Reformation in England/Consolidation of Protestantism)

Thursday Sept. 29th

Discussion: Henry VIII and the Church of England
Reading Time: DBQ

Write your DBQ. 45 minutes only.

Friday Sept. 30th

Discussion: DBQs

Palmer: p. 93 - 98 (Catholicism Reformed and Reorganized)
Handout: Ignatius Loyola (read and mark up)

First Quarter Paper due on Tuesday by 8 am. Must be uploaded to by deadline for a grade.