Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

September 21st


Presentation: Italian Wars (1490s - 1550s)
Discussion: The Northern Renaissance

Palmer: p. 107 - 114 (The Opening of the Atlantic)

Tuesday September 22nd

Read Aloud/Discussion: Erasmus
Discussion: European Exploration

Palmer: p. 114 - 120 (The Commercial Revolution)

Wednesday September 23rd

No School - Yom Kippur


Thursday September 24th

Quotes/Discussion - Pizan: Women and the Renaissance
Discussion: Early European Maps
Discussion: The Commercial Revolution

Handout (Read and Mark Up): Northern Renaissance Art. Please go through Powerpoint as well. (Note: This is a good night to work on your First Quarter Papers.)

Friday September 25th

Reading/Discussion: More's Utopia
Discussion: Northern Renaissance Art

Handout (Read and Mark Up): Renaissance Social History

Unit 1 Test on Tuesday, September 29th.
First Quarter Paper due on Monday, October 5th.