Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 16th


Presentation: Warfare on the Italian Peninsula
Discussion: The Northern Renaissance
Read Aloud/Discussion: Erasmus

Handout: Northern Renaissance Art (Note: This is a good night to work on 'the Prince' assignment.)

Tuesday Sept. 17th

Reading/Discussion: More's Utopia
Discussion: Northern Renaissance Art

Palmer: p. 107 - 114 (The Opening of the Atlantic)

Wednesday Sept. 18th

Quotes/Discussion - Pizan: Women and the Renaissance
Discussion: European Exploration

Palmer: p. 114 - 120 (The Commercial Revolution)

Thursday Sept. 19th

Pictures: Renaisance Pics
Discussion: The Commercial Revolution

Handout: Renaissance Social History

Friday Sept. 20th

Overview: Early Modern Europe Social History
Film: The Return of Martin Guerre

Handout: Mannerism - check artwork online
Work on your Prince papers

Unit 1 Test on Thursday, Sept. 26th
Prince Paper due on Monday, Sept. 30th