Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 12th


Quiz: Map Locations
Discussion: Renaissance Art

Palmer: p. 61 - 69 (Renaissance in Italy - Part 2)

Tuesday Sept. 13th

Overview: How to analyze primary sources
Readings/Discussion: Pico and Innocent III
Discussion: Italian Renaissance

Petrarch and Castiglione primary source analysis (for collection)

Wednesday Sept. 14th

Discussion: Petrarch and Castiglione
Pictures/Video: Florence

Palmer: p. 69 - 72 (The Renaissance Outside Italy)

Thursday Sept. 15th

Presentation: Italian Wars/Warfare in General in Modern Europe
Discussion: Northern Renaissance

Handout (Read and Mark Up): Northern Renaissance Art. Please go through Powerpoint as well.

Friday Sept. 16th

Read Aloud: Erasmus
Discussion/Presentation: Northern Renaissance Art

Palmer: p. 99 - 106 (The Opening of the Atlantic)

Unit 1 Test on Thursday, September 22th.
First Quarter Paper due on Tuesday, October 4th.