Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

April 28th


Lecture/Discussion: Cold War - Western Europe

Palmer p. 903 - 913 (USSR Post-Stalin; Eastern Europe; skim p. 906 - 911)

Please bring cash or check (made out to "Spackenkill Activities Fund") ASAP. $40 please.

Tuesday April 29th

Discussion: USSR (After Stalin) and Eastern Europe

Palmer p. 979 - 982; p.990 - 992 (Confrontation and Detente)

Wednesday April 30th

Lecture/Notes: The European Union
Presentation: Tito and Yugoslavia
Discussion/Lecture: Confrontation and Detente

Palmer p. 1018 - 1025 (Eastern Europe - Collapse of Communism)

Thursday May 1st

Discussion: End of the Cold War - Focus on Eastern Europe
Review for Final

Study for Final

Review Session at 7:00. Focus on Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, and Absolutism/Constitional Monarch in Britain.

Friday May 2nd

Final Exam

Fourth Quarter Paper due on Monday.