Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

April 20th


Overview: Fourth Quarter Paper
Discussion/Lecture: Peace in Europe (at Last)?

Study for Test.

Tuesday April 21st

Review: Test Tomorrow
Extra Credit Presentations/
Art: Modern Art (Focus on Dali)

Study for Unit 9 Test. Study session after school.

Wednesday April 22nd

Unit 9 Test

Palmer: p. 869 - 876 (UN/Origins of the Cold War/Berlin Blockade)

Thursday April 23rd

Go over test
Lecture/Discussion: Origins of the Cold War

Palmer p. 887 - 895 (Western Europe Political Reconstruction)

Review Session at 7:00. Focus on Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, and Absolutism/Constitional Monarch in Britain.

Friday April 24th

Lecture/Discussion: Cold War - Western Europe

Palmer p. 903 - 913 (USSR Post-Stalin; Eastern Europe; skim p. 906 - 911)

Final Exam is next Friday.