Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

April 4th


No School - Snow Day


Tuesday April 5th

Go Over Test
Discussion: Diamond's Evaluation of Darwin and Freud
Discussion: Stalin/Early USSR

Palmer: p. 783 - 788 (The German Republic and the Spirit of Locarno)

Wednesday April 6th

No Class: Seniors in the City


Thursday April 7th

Overview: The 'New' Germany (George Grosz)
Discussion: The Weimar Republic

Palmer: p. 838 - 840 (Spanish Civil War)
Handout: Picasso and Cubism (Read and Mark Up - Plus go through the Powerpoint)

Friday April 8th

Discussion: Spain Since 1711 and the Spanish Civil War
Discussion: Cubism (focus on Picasso)

Palmer: p. 822 - 828 (Nazi Germany)
Handout: Nazi Policies and People (Read and Mark Up)

Extra Credit Video Talk on Monday at 7 at Barnes and Nobles.