Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

March 20th


Overview: World War I Propaganda
Discussion: Russian Defeat/American Entry
Group Homework Quiz

Palmer: p. 701 – 703; 709 - 718 (Allied Victory and Peace)

Tuesday March 21st

Video: Keynesian Economics
HW Quiz - Multiple Choice

Palmer p. 719 - 728 (Beginnings of the Russian Revolution)

Wednesday March 22nd

AP Practice Questions
Lecture/Discussion: Russia Leading Up to 1917, including the Revolution of 1905
Video: Russia - Land of the Czars

Palmer p. 733 - 738 (Bolshevik Revolution)

Thursday March 23rd

Discussion: Bolshevik Revolution
AP Practice Questions

Work on your paper.

Friday March 24th

Video: Last Days of Rasputin

Palmer p. 738 - 742; 745 - 747 (Russian Civil War; Lenin's NEP)

Third Quarter Papers due on Tuesday by 8 am. Use please.

Unit 8 Test on Thursday, March 30th