Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

March 17th


Easter Rising: St. Patrick's Day...and some Irish History
Discussion/Lecture: Russian Leaves; US Enters

Palmer: p. 717 – 718; 723 - 727 (Allied Victory and Peace)

Tuesday March 18th

Discussion: Allied Victory and Peace
DBQ Practice: Reading Time/POV/Groupings

Palmer: p. 741 - 748 (Beginnings of the Russian Revolution)

Wednesday March 19th

Lecture/Discussion: Russia Leading Up to 1917
Video: Stravinsky

Palmer: p. 748 - 753 (The Bolshevik Revolution and Russian Civil War)

Thursday March 20th

Lecture/Discussion: The Bolshevik Revolution

Handout: Lenin Primary Source (Read Only)
Handout: Symbolism (Read and Mark Up only). Please go through Powerpoint.

Note: This would be a good night to work on your Third Quarter Paper.

Friday March 21st

Presentation/Discussion: Symbolism
Discussion: Lenin
Video: Stravinsky

Palmer: p. 754 - 761 (The USSR)

Debate next Wednesday.

Unit 8 Test next Thursday.

Third Quarter Paper due on Monday, March 31. Use please.