Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

March 16th


Quiz: MAIN Reasons for WWI
Film: Les Miserables

Palmer: p. 706 - 710 (Stalemate)

Tuesday March 17th

Presentation/Film Clips: Easter Rising (Some Irish History for St. Patrick's Day)
Discussion: Stalemate

Palmer: p. 712 - 717 (Russian Defeat; American Entry)

Wednesday March 18th

Discussion: Russian Defeat; American Entry
DBQ Reading Time

Palmer: p. 717 – 718; 723 - 727 (Allied Victory and Peace)

Thursday March 19th

Discussion/Lecture: Russian Leaves; US Enters
Film: Les Miserables

Handout: Post-Impressionism (Read Only)
Handout: Symbolism (Read and Mark Up only). Please go through Powerpoints.

Friday March 20th

Discussion: Nietzsche
Art Day: Post-Impressionism and Symbolism

Palmer: p. 741 - 748 (Beginnings of the Russian Revolution)

Unit 8 Test next Thursday.
Third Quarter Paper due on April 1st at 11:59 pm..