Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Feb. 22nd


Discussion: Bismarck and a Unified Germany
Presentations: Composers

Palmer: p. 564 - 569 (Russia)

Tuesday Feb. 23rd

Discussion: Russian Literature - Pushkin
Discussion: 19th Century Russia
Presentations: Composers

Read Handout: Alexander II. Write a 1- to 2-page analysis: Was Alexander's Reign Sucessful? Does Alexander deserve to be called 'Czar Liberator?'

Wednesday Feb. 24th

Discussion: Alexander II
Presentations: Composers

Palmer: p. 605 - 609 (Third French Republic)

Thursday Feb. 25th

Presentation: Napoleon III's France
Discussion: The Third French Republic
Presentations: Composers

Palmer: p. 609 - 614 (British Constitutional Monarchy)
Handout: Disraeli's 'Sybil' (Read Only)

Friday Feb. 26th

Presentation/Pictures: Irish Pototo Famine
Pictures/Discussion: Victorian Britain

Handout: Social History of the 19th Century (Read specific section only).
Primary Source Analysis: The Suffragettes

Unit 7 Exam next Thursday (Multiple Choice) and Friday (Short Answer)