Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Jan. 19th


No School - Martin Luther King Day


Tuesday Jan. 20th

Go over Unit 5 Test
Introduction: Agricultural/Industrial Revolution

Palmer: p. 463 - 468 (The Advent of the "Isms" - Part 1). NOTE: Focus on Classical Liberalism and Romanticism

Wednesday Jan. 21st

Presentation: Jeremy Bentham
Discussion: Classical Liberalism, Romanticism, and Other "Isms"

In-Class DBQ tomorrow.
DBQ Seminar after school.

Thursday Jan. 22nd

In-Class DBQ (Two-Hour Delay)
NOTE: Students need to finish (15 - 20 extra minutes) before Friday at 3:00

Handout: Romanticism (Read and Mark Up only). Please go through Romanticism presentation before class.

Friday Jan. 23rd

(Finish DBQ)
Reading/Discussion: Romantic Poems
Discussion: Romanticism
Art Analysis: Romanticism

Palmer: p. 468 - 474 (The "Isms" - Part 2)
Mid-Term (50 Multiple Choice) next Thursday, Jan. 29th