Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Jan. 5th


Review: French Revolution Timeline and Video
Discussion: The Terror
Video: Robespierre and the Terror

Handout: Days of the French Revolution (Read and Mark Up Only)

Tuesday Jan. 6th

Discussion: After the Terror - Thermodorian Reaction and the Directory
Discussion: Days of the French Revolution
Reading Time and Start Writing: DBQ

French Revolution DBQ - 45 Minutes Writing Time

Wednesday Jan. 7th

Reading/Discussion: Model DBQ
Video: French Revolution

Palmer: p. 398 - 402 (Napoleon's Consulate)

Thursday Jan. 8th

Discussion: Edmund Burke
Introduction/Discussion: Napoleon as First Consul/Imperial Napoleon
Film Clips: Napoleon

Handout: Neoclassical Art (Read and Mark Up Only). Please check Powerpoint before class tomorrow.

Friday Jan. 9th

Art Analysis: Neoclassical Art
Film Clips: Napoleon

Palmer: p. 417 - 425 (Imperial Napoleon; skim 'The Dissolution of the First and Second Coalitions' and 'The Austrian War of Liberation')

Unit 5 Test next Thursday - 50 Multiple Choice