Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Dec. 9th


Overview/Pics: The Collusium
Video: Vespasian and the Collusium
HW Review/Pics: Pax Romana

Complete the Rise of Christianity sheet as you read Chapter 6; Section 4.
Notebook collection on Thursday.

Tuesday Dec. 10th

No School - Snow Day


Wednesday Dec. 11th

Journal/Debate: What is more important - the Parthenon or the Collusium?
HW Review/Presentation: Christianity and Rome
Film: Constantine

Read Chapter 6; Section 5. Explain five reasons why Rome fell.
Notebook collection tomorrow.

Thursday Dec. 12th

Whiteboards/DBQ Sheets/HW: Why did Rome fall?
HW Review: Why did Rome fall?
Film: Gladiator

Test next Tuesday.

Friday Dec. 13th

Journal/Debate: Which will last longer - the USA or Rome?
Essay Writing Review
Film: Gladiator

Test next Tuesday