Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Dec. 1st


Review/Discussion: Can You Save the Roman Republic?
Simulation: Should Caesar cross the Rubicon?
Video/Primary Sources/Discussion: Aqueducts

Quiz on Wednesday: Alexander, Rome's Geography; Rome's Achievements/Innovations; the Roman Republic

Tuesday Dec. 2nd

Review for Quiz
Play: Hail Caesar
Journal/Debate: Julius Caesar's/Senate's Actions

Study for Quiz

Wednesday Dec. 3rd

Quiz: Roman Republic
Video: Engineering an Empire

Complete the "Roman Emperors" sheet as you read the beginning of Chapter 6; Section 3.

Thursday Dec. 4th

Overview: Rome...Republic to Empire
Art Analysis: Augustas Caesar
HW Review: Roman Emperors
Video/Questions: Nero

Complete the "Pax Romana" sheet as you read the second half of Chapter 6; Section 3.

Friday Dec. 5th

Debate: Pericles vs. Augustas
Video: Nero