Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Nov. 30th


Notes/Timeline: Western Civilization
Review: Roman Republic Terms
Whiteboards/Discussion: What have the Romans done for us/What do we owe the Romans?

Write a speech as either a Plebians or Patricians within the Roman culture.

Tuesday Dec. 1st

Play Reading: Plebians vs. Patricians
Debate: Plebians vs. Patricans
Video/Notes: Roman Roads

Take notes on the Punic Wars

Wednesday Dec. 2nd

HW Review: Punic Wars
Video: Punic Wars
Journal/Debate: The Twelve Tables vs. Hammurabi's Code and the USA Law Code

Read and take notes on Chapter 6; Section 2. Use outline on

Thursday Dec. 3rd

HW Review/Timeline: Chaos in the Republic
Debate: Freedom vs. Order
Video: Tiberius Gracchus

Complete the "Can you save the Roman Republic" assignment.

Friday Dec. 4th

Discussion: Can you save the Roman Republic?
Laptops: Aqueducts Research