Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Nov. 2nd


Return/Discuss Quizzes
Film: Finish Troy
Debate: Troy
HW Review/Presentation: Athens' Golden Age

Read Chapter 5; Section 1. Complete the worksheet.

Tuesday Nov. 3rd

No School - Conference Day


Wednesday Nov. 4th

Timeline: Early Greece to the Golden Age of Athens/Tyranny to Democracy
Discussion: The Golden Age of Athens
Journal/Debate: Is the USA currently in a Golden Age?
Pictures: Greece

Read Chapter 5; Section 2. Complete the worksheet.

Thursday Nov. 5th

HW Review: Greek Beauty and Reason
List: Your favorite philosopher to your least favorite
Pictures: Greece

Write a question (or two) for each of the Greek philosphers.

Friday Nov. 6th

Video/Notes: The Parthenon
Press Conference: Greek Philosophers
Pictures: Greece