Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 9th


Brainstorm: What is geography?
Journal/Discussion: How does geography affect a culture?
HW Review: Early Humans

Take notes on the Five Themes of Geography.

Tuesday Sept. 10th

Overview: Geographical Terms
Quiz: Geography Absolute Locations
Reading: The Lorax
Brainstorm: The Lorax and the Five Themes of Geography

Brainstorm: How has fire helped humans?

Wednesday Sept. 11th

Discussion: The Lorax and Geography
Discussion/Picture/Journal: How does geography affect this culture?
Film Clip: Quest for Fire

Read Chapter 1; Section 2. Answer questions 1 and 2 (add Catyl Huyuk).
Quiz next Tuesday.

Thursday Sept. 12th

Discussion/Presentation: What did fire do for humans?
Debate: Fire and its importance
Timeline: Early Humans
HW Review: Early Humans

Paragraph: Was life better for humans before or after the Neolithic Revolution? Explain.
Quiz on Tuesday.

Friday Sept. 13th

Flow Chart: Neolithic Revolution and Its Effects
Video: Neolithic Revolution - Domestication of Animals
Debate: Neolithic Revolution

Quiz on Tuesday.