Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 8th


Discussion: Early Humans Notes
Reading/Journal: The Sacred Rac and Culture
Pictures: Culture in Peru

Take notes on Geography (use website; beginning of the book)

Tuesday Sept. 9th

Video Clip/Brainstorm/Notes: Humans and Fire
Pictures: Andes Mountains Culture

Read Chapter 1; Section 2. Take notes using the website. (

Wednesday Sept. 10th

Discussion: What is Geography? How can geography affect a/your culture?
HW Review: The Appearace of Homo Sapiens

Read Chapter 1; Section 3. Take notes using the website.
Chapter 1 Quiz next Tuesday.

Thursday Sept. 11th

Review/Timeline: Early Humans
Flow Chart: Neolithic Revolution
Pictures: Culture

Primary Source Assignment: Creation Myth

Friday Sept. 12th

Discussion: Early Civilizations
Journal/Debate: When was life better - before or after the Neolithic Revolution?
Pictures: Catak Huyuk

Quiz 1 next Tuesday.