Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

May 16th


Introduction/Notes: Italian Renaissance
Discussion: MIddle Ages to the Renaissance
Journal/Debate: Machiavellian Situation - What would you do?
HW Review: Italian Renaissance

Read Chapter 16; Section 3. Take notes using

Tuesday May 17th

Art Analysis: Renaissance Art and Humanism
HW Review: Beginning of the Protestant Reformation

Read Chapter 16; Section 5. Take notes using

Wednesday May 18th

Notes: The Christian 'Umbrella'/Protestant Faiths
Film Clip: Tetzel and Luther
Journal/Debate: Guttenburg and the Printing Press

Read Chapter 17; Section 1. Take notes using

Thursday May 19th

HW Review: The Counter-Reformation
Journal/Debate: Risk Taking
Presentation: Europeans' Motivation

Read and take notes on the Triangular Trade and the Slave Trade (it's in Chapter 17; Section 2).

Friday May 20th

Discussion: European Exploration
HW Review: Slave Trade/Middle Passage
Primary Source Activity: European Maps of the World