Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

April 21st


No School - Spring Break


Tuesday April 22nd

No School - Conference Day


Wednesday April 23rd

Review: Middle Ages
Picture Analsis: Life on a Manor (Medieval Calendar)
Overview/Video: Black Death Hits Europe

In Chapter 12; Section 1. Take notes on Charlemagne
Read Chapter 12; Section 3. Answer question 1 (add Inquisition).

Thursday April 24th

Picture Analysis: Dancing with Death
Picture Analysis: Charlemagne and the Pope
HW Review: The Franks
Video Clip: Charlemagne and the Franks

Read Chapter 12; Section 4. Answer questions 1 and 2 (first three only in question 2). Add Magna Carta and Model Parliament.

Friday April 25th

Reading/Video: The Feudal "Lifestyle"
Simulation: Feudal Eating Habits
HW Review: England the the Middle Ages

Read Chapter 13; Section 1. Take notes on the first four Crusades.