Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

March 16th


Brainstorm/Maps/Discussion: China and its Geography
Play: Chinese Schools of Thought
Journal: Which school of thought suits you?

In Chapter 9; Section 1 and using the worksheet...take notes on the Qin dynasty. NOTE: A 'Positive/Negative' T-Chart could help you with this.

Tuesday March 17th

Presentation/Notes: Dynastic Cycle
Overview/Discussion: Ancient Chinese Dynasties
HW Review/Presentation: Qin Dynasty
Video: China Engineering an Empire

Journal: Was the Qin dynasty sucessful. Use your notes to back up your arguement.

Wednesday March 18th

Play/Debate: Legalism - Freedom vs. Progress
Discussion: Qin dynasty's successes and failures
Pics/Video: Terra Cotta Soldiers

Using Chapter 9; Section 1 and the sheet...take notes on the Han dynasty.

Thursday March 19th

Journal/Discussion: Confucianism Quotes and Opinions
HW Review/Pics: Han dynasty

Research and Take Notes on the Chinese New Year.

Friday March 20th

Journal: Chinese Culture Today
Discussion: Chinese New Year
Overview: Project