Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

March 14th


Review: Everything India
HW Review (from Thursday): Early India History/Indus River Valley
Debate: What happened to Harappa and Mohejodaro?
Video: 30 Days in India

In Chapter 8; Section 3...take notes on the Mauryan and Gupta Empires. In Chapter 18; Section 3...take notes on the Mugal Empire.
India Quiz on Thursday. Multiple Choice and Map Locations

Tuesday March 15th

Video: 30 Days in India
Debate: Outsourcing - Good or Bad?
HW Review: India's Empires

Quiz on Thursday.

Wednesday March 16th

Review: India
Whiteboards: Art from India

Study for the Quiz.

Thursday March 17th

Quiz: India
Video/Discussion: History of St. Patrick's Day
Introduction: China

Read Chapter 9; Section 2. Take notes for each of the Four Schools of Thought in China.
Write two questions you would ask a Buddhist.

Friday March 18th

Guest Speaker: Buddhism

Have a nice break!!!