Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Nov. 28th


Current Event: Fidel Castro Dies
Review: Nationalism
Overview: Latin America
HW Review: Latin American Independence
Pictures: Peru

Read and take notes using the Biography webpage on Simon Bolivar.

Tuesday Nov. 29th

Overview: Italian Nationalism and Sardinia
Journal/Discussion: Simon Bolivar Quotes (Short Class for Assembly)
Press Conference: Simon Bolivar

Read and take notes: Chapter 15; Section 1.

Wednesday Nov. 30th

Discussion: Mazzini Quotes
HW Review/Presentation: Italy's Unification and Nationalism

Read and take notes: Chapter 15; Section 2.

Thursday Dec. 1st

Map Review: Holy Roman Empire
Journal/Discussion: Bismarck Quotes
HW Review: Bismarck's Prussia

In Chapter 13; Section 4...take notes on the arts (Romanticism, Realism, Symbolism, Impressionism). Which is your favorite?

Friday Dec. 2nd

Groups: Art Analysis