Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Nov. 18th


Film Clip/Journal/Debate: Is Greed Good?
Art Analysis: 19th Century Art

Read Chapter 13; Section 2. Answer questions 1 and 2.

Tuesday Nov. 19th

List/Discussion: Pick out your favorite and least favorite scientist
News Clip/Discussion: Darwinism/Intelligent Design in schools?

Complete the worksheet as you read Chapter 13; Section 3.

Wednesday Nov. 20th

Reading/Discussion: Crimean War/Florence Nightingdale
HW Review: Cities Improve/Victorian Age
Primary Sources/Step Into the Slides: City Life in the Late 1800s/Early 1900s

Read Chapter 14; Sections 1 and 3. Complete the worksheet.

Thursday Nov. 21st

Video Clip/Notes: Irish Potato Famine
Debate: Hardship and Immigration
HW Review: Politics in Britain and France

Read Chapter 14; Section 2. Complete the worksheet.

Friday Nov. 22nd

Brainstorm: Australia
Video Clip/Notes: Colonization of Australia
Music: Waltzing Matilda/Down Under