Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Oct. 24th


Poster Time (Sub in Class)


Tuesday Oct. 25th

Review: Fall of Napoleon/Congress of Vienna
Simulation: Diplomacy at the Congress of Vienna

Napoleon/Congress of Vienna Quiz on Thursday.

Wednesday Oct. 26th

Review: Quiz tomorrow
Debate: Politics Yesterday and Today - Reactionaries/Conservatives vs. Liberals
Pictures/Video: Vienna

Napoleon/Congress of Vienna Quiz tomorrow.
Multiple Choice and DBQ Short Answers

Thursday Oct. 27th

Quiz: Napoleon/Congress of Vienna
Introduction: Industrial Revolution
Journal: Early Photo from the Industrial Age

Read and take notes: End of Chapter 12; Section 1; Chapter 12; Section 2.

Friday Oct. 28th

Introduction: Social History and the Industrial Revolution
Journal: Life was better before the Industrial Revolution
HW Review: Life Before the IR
Project Overview: Shark Tank