Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 26th


Review: England's Evolution Towards Democracy
Discussion: What would Hobbes say? What would Locke say?
Project Time

Take Notes Using the YouTube Video:: US Democracy (Presidential) vs. UK Democracy (Parliamentary)
Notebooks to be collected tomorrow.
Twitter Projects due on Wednesday.

Tuesday Sept. 27th

Journal/Debate: Which is better? US or UK Democracy
Notebook Collection
Project Time

Twitter Projects due tomorrow.

Wednesday Sept. 28th

Presentations: Twitter Projects
Art Analysis: Louis XIV of France and Absolutism
Introduction: France and the Rise of Modern Democracy

Read and Take Notes: First half of Chapter 11; Section 1.

Thursday Sept. 29th

Reading Time: Yurtle the Turtle
Journal: When do people have the right to rebel?
HW Review: Estate System of France

Read and Take Notes: Second half of Chapter 11; Section 1.

Friday Sept. 30th

Discussion: Jewish High Holy Days
Simulation: French Revolution