Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Sept. 16th


Finish Simpsons
Discussion: Religion and Science - Can they get along?

Take Notes: Chapter 10; Section 1.

Tuesday Sept. 17th

Map Introduction/Discussion: The United Kingdom
Timeline: England's Move Towards Democracy
Political Cartoon Analysis: "A World Turned Upside Down"
Discussion/HW Review: English Civil War

Write and argument - Is Cromwell a hero or villian?

Wednesday Sept. 18th

Reading: Last Minutes of Charles I
Film Clips: English Civil War
Speeches: Should Charles I have lost his head?
Pictures: Northern Ireland Division

Take Notes: Chapter 10; Section 2.

Thursday Sept. 19th

Reading/Discussion: Gunpowder Plot
Debate: Cromwell - Hero or Villian?
Interview: Cromwell
HW Review: The Restoration and Glorious Revolution

Complete the "England's Move Towards Democracy" timeline.

Friday Sept. 20th

Journal: English Civil War/Glorius Revolution - What would Hobbes say? What would Locke say?
Groups: England Project