Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

March 10th


Film/Overview/Notes: Holocaust
Pictures: Auswitz
HW Review/Presentation: Tide Turns Against the Nazis/Pearl Harbor
Finish Film: Uprising

Watch and take notes on the Stalingrad video.

Tuesday March 11th

Cartoon Analysis: Stalingrad
Discussion: Stalingrad
Presentation/Film: Pearl Harbor

Take notes on D-Day (Operation Overlord).

Wednesday Mardh 12th

Presentation: D-Day
Film Clip: Private Ryan
Journal/Discussion: D-Day as a Turning Point/General Reactions to the Film

Read Chapter 20; Section 5. Complete the sheet.

Thursday March 13th

Presentation: Dresden/Hiroshima/Nagasaki
Journal/Debate: Should the US have used atomic bombs?
HW Review: The Road to Peace
Video Clip: Effects of the War

Test next Tuesday

Friday March 14th

Overview/Film Clip: Nuremberg Opening Speech
Journal/Debate: Were the Nuremberg Trials worth it?
Map Review: World War II Battles

Test next Tuesday