Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

March 3rd


Overview: Why WWII?
HW Review: Nazi Aggression/Outbreak of War

Write an 'Appeasement' speech.

Tuesday March 4th

Cartoon Analysis: Dr. Seuss
Speeches: Appeasement

Read Chapter 20; Section 2. Complete the worksheet.

Wednesday Mardh 5th

Film Clip: Nardia
Overview: Battle of Britain
Journal: Should the USA have gotten involved directly in the Battle of Britain?
HW Review: Early Nazi Victories

Write a letter as if you are going through the Battle of Britain.

Thursday March 6th

Quotes/Discussion: Who was Winston Churchill?
Letter Reading: Battle of Britain
Presentation: Warsaw Ghetto
Film: Uprising

Complete the 20-3 and 20-4 sheet.(Due on Monday)

Friday March 7th

Brainstorm/Pictures/Discussion: The Holocaust
Video Clip: Holocaust Film (from Nuremberg Trials)
Film: Uprising

Complete the 20-3 and 20-4 sheet.