Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Feb. 27th


Discussion: Overview/Reasons for WWII
HW Review: Path to War

Read and take notes: Chapter 20; Section 2a

Tuesday Feb. 28th

Speeches: Appeasement
HW Review/Pics: Early Battles/Fall of France
Cartoon Analysis: Dr. Seuss
Film: World War II Propaganda/Movies

Read and take notes: Chapter 20; Section 2b

Wednesday March 1st

HW Review/Pictures: Battle of Britain
Video: Early War

Write a letter as if you are going through the Battle of Britain.

Thursday March 2nd

Discussion: Winston Churchill
Journal/Debate: Fall of France
Letter Reading: Battle of Britain
Notebook Collection

Read and take notes: The Nazi Order/The Holocaust (in Chapter 20; Section 3)

Friday March 3rd

Brainstorm/Pictures/Discussion: The Holocaust
Video Clip: Holocaust Film (from Nuremberg Trials)
Pictures: Auschwitz