Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Jan. 20th


No School - Martin Luther King Day


Tuesday Jan. 21st

Review: Everything WWI
Pictures: European Nationalism
Journal: When is war justified?
Speeches: What does each country want?

Take notes on the Schlieffen Plan; the Battle of the Marne; and the Battle of Tannenberg? Why were the battles significant?

Wednesday Jan. 22nd

Cartoon Analysis: Bravo Belguim
Discussion/Analysis: Wartime Propaganda
HW Review: Schlieffen Plan; Battle of the Marne; Battle of Tannenberg

Letter from the Trench assignment.

Thursday Jan. 23rd

Reading: Letters of the Trenches
Pictures/Video Clip: Trenches

Take notes on the Battle of Gallipoli.

Friday Jan. 24th

Journal/Debate: Censorship During Wartime
Discussion: Battle at Gallipoli
Film: Gallipoli...going "over the top"