Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Jan. 16th


No School - MLK Day


Tuesday Jan. 17th

Review: World War I so far
Discussion: Early Battles/Strategies
Video: Trenches

Read and Take Notes: Second Half of Chapter 17; Section 3.

Wednesday Jan. 18th

Journal/Debate: Censorship During Wartime
Discussion: WWI Battles
Film: Gallipoli...going "over the top"

Two Paragraphs:
What you think is the most important reason why the US entered the war. Explain.
What you think is the least important reason why the US entered the war. Explain.

Thursday Jan. 19th

Journal/Debate: Terrorism Announcements - Then and Now
HW Review/Presentation/Discussion: The US enters the War - Why?

Quick Research: World War I Weapons. Research and write down information on at least three World War I weapons.

Friday Jan. 20th

Discussions: Why did the US enter the war?
Journal/Debate: US Entering the War
Film: Fly Boys

Notebooks to be collected on Monday.