Day Date Assignments - Classwork and Homework

Jan. 6th


Review/Maps: Imperialism in Asia/Africa
Film: Last Samurai

Read Chapter 16; Section 2. Answer question 1 and 2 (add King Leopold and the Boer War to question 2).

Tuesday Jan. 7th

Film Clip/Journal/Discussion: Zulu and Imperialism
HW Review: Imperialism in Africa
Film: Last Samurai

Within Chapter 16; Section 4, read and take notes on the Panama Canal and the Mexican Revolution.

Wednesday Jan. 8th

Map Overview: Imperialism in Africa
Whiteboard Brainstorm/Discussion: The Good of Imperialism

Complete the "White Man's Burden" assignment.
DBQ (Short Answer and Essay) on Tuesday.

Thursday Jan. 9th

Art Analysis: Imperialism Glorified
HW Review: White Man's Burden
Groups/Simulation: Berlin Conference of 1885

Write a Berlin Conference resolution.

Friday Jan. 10th

Take a Stand Journal/Debate: Westernization - Progress vs. Tradition
Simulation: Berlin Conference

DBQ (Short Answer and Essay) on Tuesday.